Where can I buy Frontline Products?

Frontline products are available through over 5,000 Stockists throughout the UK. To find your nearest stockist please go to the Stockist Directory and enter your postcode. This will search and display results of stockists within a 20-mile radius.
Who is eligible for a Frontline Account?

Frontline Bathrooms is a leading bathroom distributor and we only supply direct to retailers. In order to open an account with Frontline you must be a plumbers merchant and/or have a bathroom showroom. If you fit this criteria please complete our Become a Stockist enquiry form to request an application pack.
I bought a Frontline product through a stockist and have a query. What should I do?

If you have purchased our products through a stockist, your first point of contact should be the stockist in question who should be able to assist you. If they are unable to answer your query, the stockist can then contact Frontline themselves to raise the query further. Unfortunately, as the contract of sale for the product is between Frontline and the Stockist, we are only able to deal directly with them regarding after-sales enquiries, so cannot liaise direct with an end customer. Therefore, all enquires must be made through your stockist.
What is the Lifetime Guarantee and how do I register my products?

We offer a Lifetime Guarantee on products purchased from registered dealers and used for
domestic purposes. Full terms and conditions of the Lifetime Guarantee can be found by clicking here. To obtain the benefit of the Lifetime Guarantee you must follow the registration procedure, so please click here to go to the registration page if you have not yet registered your product.
Where can I buy spare parts?

Spare parts in some instances can be bought direct from the manufacturer. Please see our Useful Links for information on which products this relates to. If you are unsure which manufacturer your product is from, or the manufacturer is not listed, please go back to your original place of purchase as they will be able to contact Frontline and enquire about spare parts on your behalf.
Where can I obtain product dimensions?

Dimensions are included on all products pages on our website. Below the image on each product page you will find a box displaying all the information for that product. Simply click the ‘Specification’ tab to view the dimensions of that product. If you require more detailed dimensions from those shown, please complete a customer service Enquiry Form specifying which information you need.
Can I get a copy of the fitting instructions?

The fitting instructions are available on each product page. Please use the advance search option on the website to search for your particular product. Click on the product page and here you will find a ‘Fitting Instructions’ tab in the box below the image. If your fitting instructions are not available please request them by completing a customer service Enquiry Form.
Can my order be delivered direct?

Frontline does offer a direct delivery service where goods can be delivered to an address other than that of the stockist. However this may come at an additional cost and terms and conditions are involved, so the decision lies with Frontline and the Stockist. If this service is something you require, you will need to liaise with the stockist you are planning to buy through.

Frontline Stockists: Please log-in to the Trade Log-in area for more information on home delivery options.

Where is my order?

To enquire about the status of an order you have placed with Frontline, or for an estimated delivery date/time, please contact the stockist with whom you placed the order.
Can I cancel my order?

If you wish to cancel your order please refer to the terms and conditions of sale for the stockist with which you placed the order. However, generally orders cannot be cancelled once they have been despatched and special orders cannot be cancelled under any circumstances. If you no longer require goods that have already been despatched or received, you will have to return them under your stockists returns policy.

Frontline Stockists: Please log-in to the Trade Log-in area for information on how/when an order can be cancelled.

What do I do if I wish to return stock?

If you wish to return all or part of an order you will need to liaise with the stockist through whom you bought the items. Unfortunately, as the sale of the products from Frontline takes place directly with the stockist, we are unable to collect or refund items direct to an end-customer.

Frontline Stockists: Please log-in to the Trade Log-in area for returns information.

Do you have any terms and conditions for returns?

Yes, the following terms and conditions apply to all products purchased and wishing to be returned.

  • All Shortages must be clearly marked on the delivery note and reported at the point of delivery.
  • All damages/bad stock items must be notified within 5 working days of delivery by fax or email to the returns department. After 5 days these will not be collected.
  • “Good Stock” items, if notified to the returns department within 5 working days, can be collected at no cost, after this a collection fee will be applied. Notification must be made by your stockist via fax or email to the returns department.
  • ‘Good Stock’ items must be in the original packaging and in a re-saleable condition. After 30 days no items will be collected.
  • Special orders will not be accepted under the returns policy. If you have any queries regarding this please contact your stockist.

I have received a damaged product, should I follow the returns procedure?

Yes, if you have received an item which you believe to be damaged you must follow the returns procedure and report it within 5 days of the item been delivered to your stockists retail premises. Any items reported after this time will not be accepted as a fault by Frontline.
I have a problem with my Frontline product, who do I contact?

If you have a problem with a product please contact the original place of purchase. If this was a Tradesman or a Frontline stockist you will need to seek advice firstly from them and if they are unable to resolve the issue they will be required to contact Frontline themselves on your behalf.

Frontline Stockists: Please complete a customer service Enquiry Form and a member of the customer service team will contact you.

Can I claim any damages for re-fixing of products?

If a product is found to be of faulty manufacture, Frontline reserves the right to refund the purchase price, replace or repair the product as agreed through your stockist. We do not, however, support any claim for consequential loss or damage.
I have purchased a product and it is not the same specification as the brochure?

Product colours are as near as printing and monitor resolutions will allow. We reserve the right to change specifications and prices without notice. All products are subject to availability and where products are discontinued, suitable replacements will be sought after. If you would like to raise a query regarding the specification of a product that you purchased through a Tradesman or Stockist you will be required to go back to them as your original place of purchase for advice.
What is the pressure on taps and showers?

To make it simple for you to choose the correct product for the water pressure in your property we have a Pressure Key that shows the minimum pressure you require for that product to work effectively. These are noted on the product pages. The type of tap/shower you choose and its performance will be influenced by your water system. We understand that water pressures vary greatly so we supply taps/showers that suit both ends of the spectrum. The key to water pressures is shown below.

Pressure Requirements

Key Requirements
LP1 0.1 Bar Minimum
LP2 0.2 Bar Minimum
MP 0.5 Bar Minimum
HP1 1 Bar Minimum
HP2 2 Bar Minimum

What are your recommended cleaning instructions?

We recommend the best way to clean products is with warm soapy water. We must stress that you do not allow lime scale to build up in hard water areas and under no circumstances use abrasive products on any surfaces as this may cause damage.