Inspiring Designs That Really Do Save Space

Our recent spotlight on small bathrooms struck a chord with modern homeowners, with a lot of you sharing your struggle to find inspiring designs that actually work in tight spaces. Knowing where to start was one frustration, whilst finding the right creative hack for your space was another.

Considering how often we use our bathrooms, there’s nothing worse than the disappointment that stems when our own doesn’t live up to our dreams. And if the word renovation conjures up exhaustion rather than excitement, starting a bathroom project might not be the first thing on your to-do list. Luckily, we’re here to help.

Here are four design ideas that offer serious style power to small spaces.

 Built-in furniture offers a customised way to fulfil any storage needs, with recessed units proving popular in awkward spaces. What makes them great is the fact you can place them anywhere on the wall. 

Ready-made vanities with partitioned drawers are a great quick fix. Their shallow depths make great alternatives to tallboy units, which are often deep and narrow — making it hard to access items at the back. 

Whoever said exposed brick walls were only for large, lofty interiors didn’t have a downstairs loo. They create a striking impact in cloakrooms and allow classic white fixtures to stand out against the wall.

Creating a feature wall of your washing area will give it a burst of life — without the overwhelming effect. Rich plum tones are an on-trend look for small bathrooms and provide a striking contrast against chrome brassware.

Bathroom mirrors have one of the most important jobs, but they don’t always have to be on the wall. Mirrored panels bring a one-of-a-kind stamp to small shower rooms and create the illusion of more space by reflecting more of your bathroom back into the room.

It’s a classic bedroom hack, but a full-length mirror is just as effective in the bathroom. Place in front of freestanding baths for a space-enhancing trick with a shabby chic twist.  

Increase the look of your bath by treating it as an extension of your window. A statement bath placed underneath a window draws attention to natural light and creates more space around the tub. You can even incorporate steps underneath high-rise windows for added glamour.

Window dressings are another stylish solution and, when matched to the same colour as panels and tiles, instil a sense of balance and proportion. Matching panels to the design of your floor will give bathrooms (and bath tubs) a wider look and feel.

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