Maximise Space with these Practical Products

A busy home needs a bathroom that’s up to the challenge. But that’s easier said than done when your bathroom’s the smallest room in the house. Whether yours is a family bathroom, en-suite or converted cloakroom, here are some inspiring ideas on how to maximise your space.

1. Make it a Quad

Quadrant enclosures are one of the most space-saving solutions for awkward areas and are a popular choice for shower lovers. Compact designs like the Identiti U-Shaped Quad go one step further with their pod-like shape that frees up extra room outside, while staying spacious on the inside.

2. Use corners

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A clever alternative to standard-shaped fixtures, corner baths, basins and toilets save space by slotting into corners, or the join of bathroom walls. They’re the perfect solution if you want to upgrade to a luxury model, but don’t want to lose space and functionality.

3. Combine and conceal

Back-to-wall furniture units are a popular choice when it comes to saving space. Especially as they keep fixtures together and hide unsightly pipework. Opting for matching units promotes unity and flow — making bathrooms feel bigger as clumpy corners are balanced out.

4. Keep it clean

The design of this minimalist cloakroom feels light and airy thanks to space-enhancing, all-white fixtures. White walls and light-reflecting ceramic provide a neutral backdrop for the earthy accessories — opening the room and making it feel less busy. This time-tested trick is also ideal if you’re looking to install a supersized basin like the Cabanes Solid Surface Basin, without it looking clunky and overpowering.

5. Put it on the wall

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Wall-hung fixtures have been used to optimise space in this contemporary bathroom, with objects of various sizes mounted at different levels to increase the feel of the floor. Whether you spread them out or mount them together, this savvy trick will save space in any type of bathroom.

6. Shorten the depth

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Short projection toilets offer a great way to free up floor space in cloakrooms. They’re compact designs that come with a reduced depth (usually 620mm, or under) so that they don’t protrude as much into the bathroom. Opting for an industry-renowned design like the Series 600 Close Coupled Toiletor our Italian-inspired F60R Close Coupled Toilet will let you combine space-saving attributes with modern and comfort-promoting features. After all, even small bathrooms deserve luxury!

 7. Minimise it

Aquatrend Cloakroom

A small space doesn’t necessarily mean small fittings, but cramming everything in and hoping for the best is a recipe for, well…clutter! Petite furniture units allow you to retain a sense of openness and still pack a punch when it comes to stylish storage. When it comes to small bathrooms, the saying ‘bigger isn’t always better’ has never been more true.

Do you have a small bathroom in your home? Leave a comment to share tips and tricks with others on the best ways to save space. 

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