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5 Luxury Showers That Reawaken the Senses (and Holiday Mood)

With the summer holidays about to begin, everyone’s getting ready to unwind and take a well-earned break. But if a holiday’s not on the cards this year, you can curb that holiday envy with an invigorating shower experience. After all, there’s nothing that a good shower and a bit of imagination can’t fix. So from […]

How to Achieve a Dark and Moody Setting in Your Bathroom

With July in full swing and the days getting hotter, summer style is at the forefront of everyone’s minds. Recent heat waves and muggy evenings have seen us turning off our towel rails and taking lukewarm showers to banish that after-shower – ahem – glow. So with all this in mind, you’d be forgiven for […]

Inspiring Designs That Really Do Save Space

Our recent spotlight on small bathrooms struck a chord with modern homeowners, with a lot of you sharing your struggle to find inspiring designs that actually work in tight spaces. Knowing where to start was one frustration, whilst finding the right creative hack for your space was another. Considering how often we use our bathrooms, […]

What’s your tile style?

Choosing the right tiles can make or break your bathroom design so you need to ensure your decision complements the style you wish to achieve. But with endless creative possibilities how do you know you’re making the right choice? Here’s our top tips to what’s trending right now and how to make it work for […]

Maximise Space with these Practical Products

A busy home needs a bathroom that’s up to the challenge. But that’s easier said than done when your bathroom’s the smallest room in the house. Whether yours is a family bathroom, en-suite or converted cloakroom, here are some inspiring ideas on how to maximise your space. 1. Make it a Quad Quadrant enclosures are one […]